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Velocity Can Handle Any Invoice Financing Request

How Velocity Invoice Financing Works

The Best Cash Flow Management Tool for Businesses

Upload your invoices and get paid within 24 hours


Choose Your Invoices

Conveniently connect to QuickBooks. Or upload any invoice of any size for any customer.


Get Your Invoices Verified

Send customers your invoices for verification and payment on their terms.


Get Your Money

Receive a deposit in your bank account in 24 hours and fund your business growth.

Integrates with QuickBooks Online


No Other Invoice Financing Platform Offers This Much Invoice Funding Flexibility

Simple, flat pricing with no hidden costs starting at 2.5% per 30 days of term.

Get paid on your terms and receive these benefits:

  • Unlimited business funding that matches your invoices
  • No annual fee
  • No new debt for your business
  • Funds deposited in 24 hours
  • No limits on your invoice funding requests
  • Complete control over your equity and customer relationships
  • Highly acclaimed and personalized support available online or over the phone
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FundThrough has become the U.S. and Canada's fastest-growing working capital solution, allowing business owners to access funds tied in outstanding receivables, at the click of a button.

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We pay you in as little as 24 hours, and your customer pays Velocity by FundThrough when they're ready, based on the terms of your invoice.
  1. Choose Your Invoices
    • After telling us about your business, upload your invoices directly or save time by connecting to QuickBooks to import them automatically.
    • You can then choose any invoice of any size for any customer to fund, so long as those invoices are less than 90 days old and not long overdue.
    • The fee applied to your invoice is shown before you proceed to payment.
  2. Get Your Invoices Verified
    • Through Velocity, you will send your chosen invoices to your customers. They will confirm the content and terms of the invoices.
    • At this stage, your customer is also introduced to Velocity. This introduction will inform them to pay the invoice to FundThrough, the company behind Velocity.
  3. Get Your Money
    • As soon as we verify your invoice, your customer, and your business, we can pay you the face value of the invoice, less our fee.
      • If you’re new to Velocity, we need to verify your business. This typically takes one business day, but may take longer depending on the nature of your company.
      • If you’ve used Velocity and your customer is new, we need to verify your customer. This typically takes one business day from when you introduce your customer to Velocity, but may take longer depending on the nature of your company.
      • Once both you and your customer have used Velocity, payments are made usually within 24 hours.
    • Your customer pays FundThrough, the company behind Velocity, based on the terms of the invoice, while you get to put your money to work, sooner.
  • Invoice financing is a solution that allows you to get working capital immediately using unpaid invoices as collateral. You no longer need to wait for clients to pay your bills.
  • Companies get access to their capital and put it to work right away. They use this capital to pay employees, order products, and cover important expenses. With Velocity by FundThrough, you can get your invoices paid within 24 hours.
Velocity is best for businesses that invoice other businesses. Our clients typically sell to companies larger than their own.
  • Our fee starts at 2.5% of the invoice amount to get your invoice paid early.
  • Velocity always presents you upfront with the applicable cost to get your invoice paid, before you confirm payment or choose to contact your customers.
  • Fees range from 2.5% to 7.5% of the invoice amount, based on three factors: who your customer is; your relationship with them; and how long they take to pay. The majority of invoices cost 2.5% to use Velocity.
  • When you use Velocity to get paid early, you will receive the full amount of your invoice less the fee. For example, when you get a $1,000 invoice paid now for a 2.5% fee, you’ll receive a deposit in your bank account for the net amount of $975 ($1,000 less $25 for the 2.5% fee).
  • In general, an invoice that is NET 30 would have a 2.5% fee; NET 60 would be 5.0%, and so on. Velocity always presents you upfront with the applicable cost to get your invoice paid, before you confirm payment or choose to contact your customers.
We may request other information to verify your business and your customers. At a minimum, we require:
  • Information about your own business.
  • Business formation documents such as LLC certificates, Articles of Incorporation, or some other proof of business.
  • Government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport).
  • Void check from your business checking account.
  • Business information for each customer you wish to fund.
  • Authorization to review your business’ tax history.
No. Unlike loans, lines of credit, or other credit products, Velocity does not look at or consider your credit score and as such, using Velocity will not affect your credit score. Business funding from Velocity is instead based on your outstanding invoices.
Velocity receives payment directly from your customer when they pay your invoice. You control which customers to work with and which invoices you want paid immediately from within your Velocity account. We will never reach out to your customers without your approval.
No. Velocity is a tool used by business owners to control when they get paid to generate the business funding needed to manage cash flow, grow with confidence, and build their empires. You control which invoices you want to fund, with no minimums, no restrictions, and no long-term contracts. Pricing is a simple, flat cost at the time you request funds, and funds are deposited in your business bank account within 24 hours.
Yes! Velocity offers businesses of all sizes the flexibility to control when they get paid regardless of the tools they use to create their invoices.
We work with our clients to come up with a solution when your customer doesn’t pay. Our clients typically opt to repay Velocity directly with another invoice or through direct debit, depending on the amount and nature of the unpaid invoice.

The cash flow you've always wanted, on your terms.

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